Five Questions with C.J. DeJour

Five Questions is a quick Q&A with local musicians, bands and entertainers in the River Region. This week we catch up  with singer and songwriter C.J. DeJour  from Montgomery.

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C.J. DeJour is a songwriter from Montgomery, AL with an eclectic style. She has written songs from many genres including R&B, Pop, Alternative, CCM, and even a few commercial jingles. This wide variety is a direct reflection of her personal choices in music.

1. Your name/Where are you originally from?
My name is C.J. DeJour. I was born in Birmingham, AL and moved to Montgomery, AL at the age of 6. I rep Montgomery.

2. How’d you first get into music?
I grew up singing in the church. I started there when I was six years old. I began writing songs at age fourteen, and I got into studio recording about 7 years ago.

3. What’s your style?
My music is a melting pot of sounds and styles. Although the sound often leans toward R&B and Pop, that is not all you will get from me. A lot of times a song will come to me fully formed. I can’t control what it sounds like. I just know it has to come out. At this point, I begin seeking musicians who can help re-create the sounds in my head.

My songs are in the key of life. I love telling stories. I tell stories of things I’ve been through, things I’ve seen others go through, and sometimes I just make things up. They usually end up focusing on interpersonal relationships and the emotions that come from them—love, jealousy, hurt, and the feeling of being misunderstood. I also write about my relationship with Jesus Christ and the challenges I have faced. I write about how He still loves me even though I’ve fallen so many times. I am grateful. These are real feelings and emotions I think many of us share. Sometimes, if I’m particularly moved by a subject or current event, I will write about it simply to raise awareness.

4. Where are you playing next?
Currently, I do not have any live performances lined up. I am working on an EP entitled “The Issues Of…” It will contain a variety of songs that express what’s in my heart. In the meantime, new songs will always be uploaded to my website and available for download as they are released. My ultimate goal is to work with major artists as a writer, but even if that never happens I will still be here creating music. It’s in my blood.

5. Who is your favorite artist?
I love storytellers. Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Lauryn Hill all inspired me to start writing as I was growing up. They told the most amazing stories. There was so much detail, from the lyrics to the instruments on the track. You could close your eyes and let them paint a picture so vivid you felt like you were there. They mixed real life with imagination, spread love and positivity, and raised social awareness. I love that about each of them. Present day, there are still artists and writers out there doing the same thing. There are too many to name, and I don’t want to leave anyone out, but thank you for sharing your stories with the world.

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